seriously I did, well he paid for the drinks but I encouraged it, mainly cause he will not fully open up to me unless he is fairly drunk. he is a very guarded man. he was screwed over twice by both ex wives and in a way he is probably scared I will screw him over too.So we went out for a little bit last night. hung out with a few of our friends. bud light was a buck a bottle and I think he had five, so he didnt get too drunk just a good buzz. but we came home and we laid in bed and talked it was fun. we were talking about sex and our first orgasms. the first time we realized we were in love with someone. out first break ups. you would think that after three years I would know all this but like i said he is guarded and i got his guard down And im happy i did. he admitted that he hasnt moved in with me cause he is worried that if he does we will end up hating each other. and he dont want that. sounds like a cheesy line to me but oh well. and he admits he misses some of his old buddies but he dont want to go back to that life of drinking and running around all the time. hes not a people person, he dont socialize a whole lot, he even admitted that out of all his friends on face book he only talks to like two of them and they are people he has knows since he was a kid. the rest he knows them, but he dont consider them friends in any way.  he kept apologizing for all the shit he has ever put me through which really is not alot at all. and kept saying how he wanted to beat the crap out of my kids dad cause their dad was at the bar where we were and just kept glaring at us. we ignored him, we were there to have fun and I was helping my buddy out by running his dj equipment while he talked to a couple who are getting married in a few months and wanted to come see how the system sounded. so it all worked out. we had fun and i had some really good emotional personal time with my man. oh and he did say he wants to live together but in a place we pick out so we can make it our own, and I kinda felt bad cause he did admit that he sometimes finds it annoying when he spends all day with me and I will get home from dropping him off or something and i immediately IM him on face book or yahoo. I apologize and told him i do it cause i love him. lol.. he just rolled his eyes at me and smiled..

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Apr. 1, 2011 at 2:23 AM

I wish you two the best! A note on living together: couples who co habitate before marriage have a higher divorce rate.

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