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Where: Online

How Often: Month

1. To view the catalog on-line, go to: HYPERLINK ://donnaaquilino.willowhouse.com

2. Select SHOP (top right hand corner)

3. Select Browse our Catalog, write down item codes as you browse.

4. Click Close Catalog above catalog. Then select Shop Online. You can then enter the item codes in the search box to view each item and to add to your cart.

5. Be sure to find the Outlet loaded with deals-use the drop down box of the Outlet to find the Weekly Specials for SUPER steals,

(NEW items posted every Monday!)

6. Remember…all orders over $39.96, qualify for a customer special. To choose your ½ price item, select an item under $40 from the catalog-no outlet, (all qualified items give you the customer special option.)

7. Complete your shopping by checking out. You will be asked for your Host's name, so please be sure to enter my name as the hostess.

If you have any questions about products, Willow House as a business, or to host your own home party, or online party,

Learn about the many opportunities we offer, and experience the excitement of entertaining as a lifestyle.


SAVE UP TO 75% - log on to: www.donnaaquilino.willowhouse.com 

Please feel free to share this with family and friends!

Donna Aquilino

Willow House Consultant 

Email:   d.aquilino@hotmail.com

 Website:   donnaaquilino.willowhouse.com

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