I'm nearly 32, been off the pill since march 2008 and never ever been pregnant

My fiancé has never got a girl pregnant previously either. I've had the ovulatary blood test which are fine, and positive for Rubella.

His sperm count came back fine so now my GP has referred me for a laparoscopy to see if there's a blockage in my fallopian tubes. He also mentioned if there is any endometriosis (I have extremely painful periods and cramps) that that would get looked at too.


I am sooo nervous as I've longed for a child for ages, now I feel things are moving.  I'm nervous yet excited but worried about the pain I may get from the Lap.


I'll check in when I get my next appointment.

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Apr. 1, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Good Luck! I hope all goes well!

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