Some say that having a fever during the second trimester of pregnancy may cause your child to have behavioral problems later on in life. It might be because the second trimester is critical for the fetal central nervous system development. A research shows that children of mothers who had suffered fever while pregnant tended to be more depressed and were likely to be below-average academically. It's sad that warnings about the connections between second-trimester flu and developmental difficulties haven't been published in most major clinical journals. There are physical methods to help bring down a fever. Make sure you take your temperature with the right touch free thermometer. If the prospective mother's body temperature is not higher than 38.5 Celsius above you might consider: the alcohol bath warm-water, sponge bath, or the popular bag of ice. Having the flu during pregnancy is also bad. Some doctors say that pregnant women should seriously consider vaccination. Doctors and the Department of Health are still debating whether vaccination during pregnancy is safe or not.

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