Qwietpleez's Journal

Musings, rantings and dreams . . .


Sometimes I cannot do

all the things you can

my fingers may not work

as well as your big hands

My words don't always sound

just the way yours do

and I may not always act

the way you want me to

Please try to be more patient

while I'm learning things each day

please don't say I'm wrong

if I can't do things your way

I listen when you tell me

I'm not doing things just right

It makes me feel like giving up

like I'll never win this fight

If only you could understand

then maybe you would see

if I feel like I'm no good

how can I still be me

Don't look at all the things

I haven't learned to do

In time I know I'll learn

with some help from you

But for now please don't rush me

let me do the things I can

give me time to learn

and love me for what I am

Autism ~ Awareness and acceptance will change the world ~



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