I figured the GREEN color was appropriate for such a post as this.

Okay.. Ive been having a really rough pregnancy, sick all the time, bleh, it sucks. Ive missed a lot of school because of it, so.. My plan was to withdraw from PUBLIC school, and do online home schooling so I can still get my diploma. Which is what I'm doing..

HOWEVER.. the classes cost 300$ a month for up to 6 classes, plus a 200$ down payment in the beginning. I want to be able to have time for me and my baby, and not have to pay a bajillion dollars in day care. Work from home, get my diploma, start culinary school as quickly as possible. The problem is, I have a CRAPPY job. I work at 7-11 Part time, I was making 8$ an hour, recently got an AWESOME raise, somehow I'm now making 12$ an hour.. If my calculations were correct. Except, they aren't giving me enough hours.. I have this whole week off.. and my next shift is only a 2hr shift.. its ridiculous! With this raise, I need more hours, So since Ive withdrawn, I'm gonna demand they put me on full-time (we've lost soooo many people, so I know they need help) Or I'm going to look for a better job, I need to make money not only to pay for school, but to prepare for my little peanut. *sigh* Just when I thought things were getting a little better, life throws me this curve ball... :/ The problem is, I'm about to be 17, so.. not many jobs out there for me.. I need OPTIONS. I also need places that'll hire me when pregnant..

I'm also starting to belive that they are trying to get me to quit. I'm a liability now.. no wonder they cut my hours and have been treating me like crap! I always put my best effort in.. I told them I'd never slack off, even if I was feeling terrible.. ugh, I have no idea what to do..

suggestions anyone? I sure could use some help. :/

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Apr. 1, 2011 at 6:40 PM

Good Luck!! And, Congrats on your Pregnancy!! :-)

Maybe if you talk with your Supervisor and let them know how dedicated you are to working they would help you out? If they see (and hear) that you plan on staying and doing whatever needs to be done maybe they will up your hours? Also...can you work at other stores? Maybe you could fill in when someone is out sick or needs time off?

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 4:23 PM

My opinion:

First off, ditch that mega-expensive online school and get your GED, libraries usually have free classes and there are a lot of GED test prep books out there.  You want to attend culinary school, so a GED is pretty much all you need to move forward there.  Secondly, at 16 and pregnant, $12 an hour is the best you're going be able to do, I think.  So make yourself indispensible at work, come in early if you need to, put in extra effort, be very honest and candid and make sure your employers know that you want to work as much as possible right now.  Thirdly, stay hydrated, take your pre-natal vitamins and eat as well as you can so you'll feel as well as you can. 

How much work is the father of this child doing?

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