Well HAPPY FRIDAY dear readers.  I am at the day job and probably should be doing SOMETHING besides talking  with you guys...but dear readers you just mean that much to me :)))  So no sex toy parties this weekend which sucks because I REALLY want to show off my new stuff.  I am having a slump in business and I need it to pick up.  I do however have a house warming party to attend.  After careful consideration I have decided to give the couple some "TOY"S....Hey it is SOMETHING for the bedroom.  Plus I am sure it will embarrass them greatly which is always fun.  I have some arousal gel and Nipple Nibblers...Fun for both of them.  Of course they have a 8 month old so how often they get to enjoy it will be slim I am sure.  I also have to work at my day job this weekend.  I am hoping to have a new recruit will be joining me soon.  I am excited to share the love to sex toys with others...:)  I worked on more advertising last night and hopefully soon to get them put up.  I had to make a more family friendly poster.  Not that I had dildo's and vibrators on the other ones but Brown Bag Party has a cute little girl as part of the advertising logo and a few places said they couldn't because of little kids so the new flyers just has words and no pictures.  I hope it helps things out.  However I hate not to use the logo.  So here's hoping. Well my dear ones...my boss is coming in to work 2nd shift so probably not a good idea to be blogging when he gets here...LOL....till tomorrow dear readers.... check out my website www.brownbagparty.com/rara

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