im just having one of those days. nothing has really gone wrong. i just am not looking forward to the weekend. seems like every weekend for the past...oh...year all my dh and i do is fight. we fight about me not cleaning house. we fight about him not wanting to spend time awake with me. we fight about money. we fight about when to go to bed. and what to do once we are there. my mil is kind enuf to take the kids just about every weekend. but im really starting to question why i should have them go in the first place. its not like we actually get off our bums and go do something. its not like we work on any of the projects we have going on around the house. we sit at home and watch the stupid tv. or wait, i should say he watches tv until he falls asleep on the couch and starts snoring so loudly that i cant hear it and give up and go do something house work. yay! fun! thats what i want to be doing on a lovely spring saturday afternoon....

banging head into wall

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