To Stay....

         Pros- Still have a job even if its not permanate

                      Kids stay in the same school and keep same Dr.

                      Stay close to my father and grandmother

          Cons- Being close to family that we don't really like

                      Barely haveing enough money to get by

                       Having to move too much

If we go....

            Pros- Being close to family we all like and enjoy

                      Having more money to save once we get jobs

                      Having family that will help us if we run into problems

                      Living in the country for cheap

             Cons- Having to look for new jobs

                         Putting kids in a new school and finding them new dr.

                         Getting use to the layout of the place

   I think the pros for moving look better then the ones for staying. I can get my husband to think the same thing for a little while till it gets closer to when we have the money saved to actually move. I think that he is uneasy about being away from his parents but with us here close to them he won't go see them and complains about them all of the time. He wants to visit Al any chance we get. I think that we should just do the move and see where it takes us. I just have to get over making him mad or up set. It's going to happen sooner or later. I also think that he doesn't want to move cause he know that his Aunt in Al will make sure that he is actually doing stuff  with us as a family and doing things around the house to help me. He doesn't have that around here. If we move I would have more people helping me with the kids and showing the kids the right things to learn like i'm doing. With us staying though I don't have anyone to help me more often with the kids and too much family here showing the kids how to be lazy and rude, I want the best for my babies. I want some opinions on this. Let me know what you think.                     


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Apr. 2, 2011 at 12:59 AM


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