Are you ready for a bikini body?  If you are starting to think about the summer and vacations, then it's time to think about your body as well.  Wouldn't it be nice to look HOT in a new bikini instead of trying to cover yourself up?  If this is you then join us on a 60 Day Journey to a Bikini Body Challenge.  The official challenge will start on April 11th, but we are starting April 5th with a 10 Day Herbal cleanse which you can begin at any time it goes great with the program and a great way to get yourself eating healthy.  Did you know that 80% of how you look is what you put into your body?  The cleanse will also help increase your metabolism, give you more energy and boost your immune system as well as help you lose weight.

To get started come out and try Her Strength Boot Camp, you can try three classes for FREE and see how we can help you fit back into your bikini by summertime.*  For  just the low monthly rate of $50 you get three days of boot camp a week, where you'll be with other  women who have the same goals as you and can help motivate and encourage you along the way.  The program consists of 45 minutes of high intensity interval training which you will do at your own pace so don't worry if you are just a beginner we will modify exercises for you, you can do this.

We will begin the challenge by doing measurements and body fat analysis along with a strength test.  You'll learn weekly healthy eating habits and you'll get meal plans to help you know what you should and should not be eating and when to eat.  The cost of the Advocare products is separate but with your membership to Her Strength you will receive a 10% discount.  I can go over the products and let you know what will work best for you, or you can go to my website at to learn more about everything Advocare has to offer.

We will also be doing bi-weekly strength challenge where you can see your progress and win prizes.  So if you want to get into a new bikini and stop covering yourself up this summer then join us for a 60 Day Journey and let's get you back into shape.  Contact me for more information.

See you soon,

Victoria McCullough


*Weight loss depends your your effort and how much you have to lose.

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