OK first off let me say that I have not been here for a while. So from the last time I wrote something until now I've had another baby that was born on April 18 2010. His name is Jonathan. And I'm currently expecting ANOTHER child. I'm due August 12th (2011). This who I'm writing about.

I went to my ultrasound appointment on March 30th 2011 and I was told that although the baby's legs were closed (which is the first time I ever had a child with crossed legs and wont show what it is) the baby is a Girl which honestly I believe and pray to god that it is. They took the picture of the baby and the only thing they were able to do was move the ultrasound thing lower and they saw part of her vagina the bottom part to be specific, so the Dr. said I had a 90% chance that it's an actual girl and the other technician said it is. So I have to go back on April 20th 2011 and have another ultrasound so they can take pictures of the rest of her body. My question is do you really think that makes sense to you or they should of just said they will see next time because they can't tell me right now?confused

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Apr. 24, 2011 at 2:25 PM

I went to my appt It's A Girl!

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