All foods have a POINTS value. How many points depends on the serving size and the number of calories, fat gramss, and fiber grams in the food.You have to have the points booklet to know what foods the points are,for examplea hard boiled egg is 2 points,cooked and crispy bacon is 3 points for 2 slices, and 1 banana is 2 points,if it's bigger it's more points but for a 6oz banana it's 2 points.All vegetables are free points meaning they don't have points,which is good, if you want to loose weight the secret is to eat more vegetables because the fiber fills you up.Instead of eating just meatloaf you could have a 1/2 baked potato and some green beans and a green salad, add some soup with it and a diet drink and you are good to go.Fruits are 1 -2 points per serving.Starchy vegetables like corn,peas and potatoes and some fruits have 1-3 points per serving.Start by getting acquainted with what a normal serving size is,you'll be surprised because all the fast food and other restruants give you 2-3 servings per meal.Fist =1 cup or medium whole fruit is one serving, actually a serving of fruit is a 1/2 cup but you can make a fist to remind yourself  what a 1 cup serving looks like, like a apple.Your palm is minus your fingers=is 3 ounces of meat,fish,or poultry.Cupped hands =1-2 ounces of nuts or pretzels.1 tsp. is index finger tip to first joint and thumb tip to 1st joint  is a tablespoon.yikes, that's scary because you can see how weve become so over weight we aren't paying enough attention to portion size,I speak to myself here.Using a soup ladle to pour a cup of soup is the way to go.For 4 points you can eat a grilled vegetarian burger in 1 pita,w/ 1 tbsp of salsa and shredded lettuce.For 6 points you can have 1 baked  skinless chicken breast, 1/2 c. couscous, 1 cup of sliced zuccuni,cooked with 1/2 c. stewd tomatoes, 1 cup of melon balls w/ 1/4 c. orange juice.For 6 points too you can 3 oz lean ground turkey add 2 tbsp. of salsa,2 hard taco shells,w/ lettuce and tomato , 1 tbsp. of shredded low fat cheddar,and 1 tbsp. of sour cream, yum I'm getting into this.For 8 points 1 broiled cod filet, 1 c. of mixed greens w/ red wine vinegar dressing 2 tbsp., 15 baked frozen french fries w/ 2 tsp. of ketchup,1 c. of steamed brocolli florettes,1c. of canned pineapple chunks.Or 1 grilled lean pork chop, w/ 2/3 c. of couscous, 1/2 c. vegetarian baked beans( that means the kind without bacon. 1c. steamed green beans  w/ 1 tsp. of margarine.Or mexican pizza same with the taco this time get a tostada shell and fill it with 1/2 c. fat free refried beans w/ 2 tbsp. of shredded montery jack cheese add the shredded lettuce , tomatoes and cilantro if you want.You can make your own tostada shell by toasting it in the oven or toaster, or I like to fry it with crisco a corn tortilla, the crisco is a special treat once in awhile,weight watchers doesn't say to use crisco, that's my idea it's lower in fat than vegetable oil at least.And then end this meal witha tall iced tea and 1c. of papaya chunks.There's ton's more of great food you can eat.So many times I hear women trying to diet say,I ate a piece of toast for breakfast , a piece of fish for lunch and then they eat a dessert for dinner.You can eat so many great things,just check out weight watchers. I did my weight watchers on line they sent me all the booklets and free weight watchers magazine,and what to eat a t restruants guide book was very informative.So if your too busy or can't afford weight watchers, do it on-line and get all their booklets and you'll understand what I'm talking about better. If you weigh less than 150 pnds you can eat 18-23 points,if you weigh 150-174 you can have 20-25 points, if you weigh 175-199 pounds you can have 22-27 points,if you weigh 200-224 pnds you can have 24-29 points,if you are 225-249 you can have 26-31 points,and the more you weigh from 250-274 pnds you get 28-33 points and so on.Remember there's so many other great lunch and breakfast and dinner meals to be eaten so check out weight watchers!

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