So i have my 1year old, My mom's two 1year olds, My moms 17mo.  They play together and keep each other busy so not so hard to take care of. I have those three extra ones every so many day's.

I have a 5mo old, My 2mo old, my 2 week old.

My mom's seven 2 year olds, her 3year old, 4 year olds, and 5 year olds. She has the rest of her older kids out for a date night as she said. Some time for them to get spoild. lol...

My Fiance is palying with the kids and haveing a blast with anyone that's 1 and over. While i have the 5mo old, the 2mo old, the 2 week old, and my mom's 5 week old Triplets. She brought their bouncers and tons of stuff over. I'm surprised she left them here but they are such good babies.

And my friend the 5mo olds dad is helping as much as he can with one arm, but they are pretty content.

Content enough that i'm on here and they are sleeping. lol.


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