I give everyone from all walks of life the benefit of the doubt.  It just comes natural for me to see the good in everyone.  I'm starting to think that I should start being a little bit choosier about who I allow to be close. Here are some of my friends whom I'll just label as crazy cause I'm not sure how else to descrive them.

Friend 1.  Has 2 kids, long term fiance, manipulative but generous, very sensitive as she was the black sheep of her family and doesn't like to feel 2nd to any of my other friends. She is a very loyal friend and persistant with her friendship.

Friend 2.  Has 4 kids, recently divorced and is trying really hard to find a replacement cause she doesn't like to be alone (own words). Always downing my other friends because she wants me to believe that she is my best friend. She is very transparent with her feelings and has a very hard time concealing feelings of jealousy or anger.  She tends to compare herself with others often.  On the good side, she is a very bright, fun and loyal friend.

Friend 3.  Mother to 2 and fiance who has agreed to accept both children as his own even the 2nd child who she conceived while on a break with him (long story). A bit of a gambler and doesn't keep very many close friends.  She's ambitous and protective with her children (traits I admire). Her and my husband are friends and are very much alike.  Definitely not the life of the party but can carry a good 1 on 1 conversation.

Friend 4.  Is pregnant with her first child and we share alot in common as far as values and similar hubbies.  She lives quite a distance so I mostly only socialize with her at work but would love to hang out more.  She's kind of homely and doesn't enjoy some of the fun activites that I like to do when unwinding but is probably the most sane out of some of my other friends.

Friend 5.  Has 4 children and married.  She is very easy going and fun to hang out with.  Definitely not a gossiper and is also a loyal friend.

Friend 6.  Mother to 1 and currently single.  She is very ambitious and has a similar parenting style.  Very funny and great to great to hang out with and can carry long conversations about anything.  Downside is she is confrontational and not very tactful.

Friend 7.  She has 3 kids and in a very long term relationship but not married.  Is exciting to hang out with and is business oriented like myself.  Tends to be a little bit self centered and egotistical.  Her family is like my family and we see them often at gatherings. She's very generous with spreading the word about our company and also a loyal friend.  Don't do alot of one on one stuff with her due to stuff that happened with friend #1 above.

Wow, as I am writing all of this I started thinking about what someone would write about me...

Married mother to 5.  An ambitious and loyal friend. Kind of anal but can really let loose when she chooses too and go to the other extreme. Very easy going, respectable and presentable but uptight when outside of her realm. Tends to minimize feelings because she doesn't know why??? hmm... 

It's one thing if I am writing these things about myself but if one of my friend's were writing these truths it would make me feel...upset.

Okay, I am not even the ideal friend so that's why my friends aren't. Ha, ha!

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 12:02 AM

your friends sound cool, i wish I had that many of friends, lol

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 1:29 PM

Very well balanced assessment of you and your friends--However, #1 sounds like an oppressive relationship.  I've always been the type to keep one or two close friends outside of my family.  Personally I would find it difficult juggling all the friends you have. 

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Apr. 8, 2011 at 12:55 AM

Wow CoffeeWriter, thanks for the comment I think you might have hit it on the dot with #1.  I am trying to maintain a comfortable distance nowadays...  I usually work all my friends in one way or another but mostly we shop, go to the drivein, park, hike or visit each other.  We don't always see each other every week and it helps that half of them live within 5 miles of me, 2 of which are within walking distance. I usually walk my dog in the evenings and walk over to chat with friend #1 or #3. 


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