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When I first found out I was pregnant I was in disbelief. After having DD I went 3 yrs on depo prevara, then another year on a BC pill to prevent pregnancy. When I went off of BC I didn't expect it to take many more years (and tears) thinking I messed up my fertility by taking Depo. I've heard it take up to 10 yrs to leave your system. And being on it for so long makes that likelihood more plausible. So it took 5 yrs without BC to conceive Wyatt. DD is 9 now and excited to be a big sis. But this will be my last child and its going by so fast. Worst yet is I haven't been able to really enjoy it. Life has gotten in the way. I'm now 34 weeks 6 days. DD went to almost 42 so I could still have a month + wait. But so far this pregnancy has been nothing like DD's.

I guess I'm morning for the end. But joyful to meet my son too.

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Apr. 3, 2011 at 8:11 PM

*hugs*  Honey, I'm so happy for you & so proud of how gracefully & beautifully you've lived your life through this pregnancy. 

Your DD is a precious princess & we know that you're next little one is going to be just as faboo!

You're in my thoughts, meditations, & prayers daily, my dear!

Love & light...Ceci

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