So they think Ty has a rare form of diabetes called Maturity onset diabetes of the young, aka MODY. It's genetic and the only way to test for it is by doing a genetics test that is very expensive and takes weeks-months to get back. As of right now we are "treating" him by diet. His A1c was 5.2% so they aren't going to treat high blood sugars cuz then they will cause him to drop low and since he drops low on his own anyway they don't want to chance it. He doesn't come up high enough for long enough periods of time to be causing any damage as of right now. So we will just periodically check him 2 hours after a meal. As for going low we have to keep an eye on it. If he goes low again they are admitting him to the hospital and making him fast til he drops low so they can run a battery of tests. But with all they said I forgot to tell them today that 2 hours after his meal this morning he was 68 and an hour after his lunch he was 101 so I emailed them. So we *may* be getting admitted soon but not sure yet, waiting for a call. They also said as soon as he is symptomatic of high or low to check him and let them know. ALSO, they think it's possible some of his seizures are actually due to hypoglycemic episodes. The only reason they aren't more worried about that is b/c he does have a truly abnormal EEG showing epileptic seizures, so yes he is epileptic but it is still possible some of the seizures are due to low blood sugar. So now when he seizes along w/ seizure first aide we have to check him and report it. We will now see the endo every 3-4 months and get checked on. As soon as his A1c progresses or he gets worse in anyway they will try to get insurance to cover the genetic testing. But as of now, even if the genetic testing shows he has it, his treatment plan will not change so there is no real point in trying to get it done now.

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 12:14 PM

So glad you are finally getting answers as to what is going on with him ((hugs)) keep up the good work mama

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