First the God part; "God annoys me."  Not my words - my daughters.  On our 2.5 plus  mile walk to school this morning we were discussing world affairs and even some a little closer to home - like AT home.  That was her decided opinion about God.  Remember she only has a 16 yr. old perspective on things, she still believes in justice and just rewards.  Hasn't quite grasped the concept of "Free Agency" yet and lacks experience.  Time will change how she sees things I'm sure.  But I did have to agree, "Sometimes He annoys me too kiddo."  But usually only when things don't work the way "I" think they should.

Grumble, grumbles; Tried to resolve the bank overdraft issue from yesterday.  Took hours this morning, all very frustrating with no satisfactory resolve.  Especially since the bank zinged me anyway with an "insufficient funds" charge AFTER I talked to them yesterday and told them I hadn't authorized the mysterious payment and to please not pay it.  All in all it's going to cost me $55 - that's hard to come by when you're a SOOWM (Single Out Of Work Mom).  Got notice my rent went up too.  After my lovely afternoon (see Magic below) I went to my babysitting job then everything crumbled, like dominoes.  Shoes that didn't fit, long walk home, 2 loads of laundry (washing machine stole $3 bucks from me, and in this complex you have to fill out a report and send it to the manufacturers of the machines, it can months to be reimbursed - I know I did it the last time I got ripped off) and a hungry teenager waiting for me.  Couldn't get any money in the bank since I haven't been paid yet and my cash on hand - which wouldn't have covered the fees anyway- had to go to groceries.  Long walk to the grocery in shoes with holes worn through them this time (I changed from the others since they were hurting), got a cramp in my left butt cheek on the way and Charley Horses in both calves shortly after (butt cheek cramps hurt really bad just in case you didn't know, and it's not like you can massage them with dignity in public).  I finally limped around the corner of Safeway only to find them "CLOSED DUE TO POWER OUTAGE".  Are you SERIOUS?!!!!!  So I huffed and puffed for a few minutes then walked even further the opposite direction to the next grocery store.  All the while the pain in my lower back is intensifying.  I try hard to keep a positive attitude, but its TOUGH when your back hurts really bad, oh and your feet and your legs.  Believe it or not there's more but I don't feel like going on with this part anymore.

So here's the MAGIC; A dear friend of mine treated me to an outing this afternoon - and squares of DARK CHOCOLATE - straight up no fancy stuff, bless her, BLESS HER!!  She took me to a nearby Japanese Garden.  So beautiful, so quiet, so serene and fascinating.  We watched the Koi fish and turtles for a very long time, I was entranced by them.  The final part of the trail we hiked went through a Bamboo Forest - veeerry cool.  We were sitting on a bench just soaking up the energies and recharging our souls when a middle aged Japanese woman with her three nieces came upon us.  As they were passing I heard her ask the girls if they wanted to hear the story of The Bamboo Princess now, since the setting was most appropriate.  Before the girls had a chance to answer, I DID!  "I want to hear the story of The Bamboo Princess", so did my friend.  So the four of them  sat and she began.  It was immediately clear this woman was a natural story-teller, I was on the edge of my seat.  It was a longish story but I didn't care, she told it beautifully.  The gentle spring sun filtered through the Bamboo, illuminating the bright green moss on the banks of the trail. Tiny pink flowers were like little kisses here and there.  And there we sat, the six of us, my friend and I strangers to the little group at our feet.  On she went, so expertly, so captivating.  The ending of the tale she told was a sad one, but it was a magical half hour and I felt blessed to have been in just the right place, at just the right time.  As it turned out, she is a professional storyteller with Japanese Folklore as her specialty.  God may be annoying at times, but He still touches me - what a GIFT!  I did the HALLELUJAH HAPPY DANCE right there in my heart!

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Apr. 5, 2011 at 9:19 PM That sucks, I'm sorry! But the magic part was AWESOME :) I'm glad you got that little treat, And yes God is annoying sometimes (sorry Lord!) But he means well. The best actually ;)

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 9:15 PM

Your daughter is still young and the young have the 'right now'attitude but as you demostrated in telling this,God is never very far away. I can't name the times we were stone broke with 10 days until the next payday and when I went to the mailbox God would have sent me just enough to tide us over in the form of overpaid insurance or most times things I didn't even know why they owed me money but I just accepted the gifts and thanked God.And even when special things dont happen O only have to think of the 3rd world countries to know how blessed I am.Great story Tara.

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