Through all of the battles, all of the heart ache, all of the times she has cried wolf, now she really really needs me & the entire family, & everyone stays cautious. My heart is breaking, but I Know & Trust she is in GOD's Hands. I don't want this to have to be the reason we are finally finding each other as mother & daughter.

 We have spent her whole life fighting & looking for reasons for such intense out bursts. The Dr's have diagnosed her with Bi-Polar w/ Psychosis. All of the time her skull has not been forming the right way & is squashing her brain & pushing spinal & brain fluids down into her spine. This is a very dangerous condition, it can cause many thing to happen, even sudden death...

 I don't know how I am going to get rid of these awful feelings I have towards her bio-father. He had to take custody from me & never once has done his job as a father.. At 14mos old, he puts her on a pool table in his basement, she falls off head first, gets knocked out & he puts her to bed instead of taking her to the Dr ??

Then at 2 & 1/2 she is riding a big wheel on an 8ft balcony, goes under the bottom rail & lands on her head, again no Drs attention, does his usual & puts her to bed.. Now at 29yrs old we finally find out what exactly is wrong with her. I am just so Thankful that Waylon has come back into her life, as they have been great friends since the age of 15. I know he will love her & take good care of her & my babies when they get back home to South Dakota..

 Maggie will be going in to see a nurosurgeon & set up for her surgery. She showed me the pictures tonight & it made everything so real. I pray someday soon she will realize that her mama would move heaven & earth for anyone of my babies & grand babies.. The hardest thing in the world is to have to sit & discuss her setting up a Living Will & will remove her father from the whole picture & she Can Recover with out so much Chaos from him...

 I am so so afraid, I know GOD will keep her safe!! Thank You, Heavenly Father!!

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 6:58 AM

I am so sorry. It has to be so terrible to have your child go thru something so awful.My Prayers are with her and you both.If you ever need to talk ,please know I am here for you. God will see her thru.Love to you and sending my Prayers.please keep me updated .praying

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 12:17 PM

Thanks Darling Friend/Sis, Maggie & Waylon left this morning. It was very hard & at the same  time very comforting. She has never left them like this before & the 3 are so extremely close... I feel so comfortable with her deciding to move back to South Dakota. I'll post some pictures of our little house back there, that my dad has given her for them. They are going back first, to do all of repairs needed. It's been empty for 2yrs now & the people mom had watching the place, really let it all go, so after this winter there could be busted pipes. It's also about way past time for a good paint job... It's a very cute old little house, she needs a little work & some tender loving care. I lived there with Maggie, Austin & Kaitlyn for several years & move to Georgia in 2000. Anyways, I am gonna go nap with Sissie for a little while. Just talked to Maggie & The are in the San Louis Valley side of Wolf Creek, they,ve been stopping & taking Pictures. Sure hope the Altitude doesn't hurt her. They are going quite aways across the Rocky Mountains & into Denver. Anyways, I'm sleepy so I'm outta here for a little bit.... I Love You Sis, & Thanks So Much for Being Here For Me Once Again, you make my heart smile!! ♥♥♥

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 5:40 PM

Oh Kelly, sorry to hear about Maggie. She iwll be in my prayers. It's such a shame that she went thru all that w/no Dr. treatment. I'm sure that she will be just fine sweetie, we will keep her in our prayers.  Well, doll, you know that I'm here for you always and call me if  you need to talk. I love you lots, Linda

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 8:29 PM

 Hi My Sis, I have been txting them off & on, trying to keep them both alert, they are almost home. So funny because they are both getting butterflies & nervous as all get out... I have just decided to start keeping my Journal up, all of this information that I have been collecting, I am turning every single bit of it over to the State Board Of Pscholagy & finally give him what he deserves & that is for him to have to finally answer for his abuse & neglect of his children as a Documented Child & Spouse Abuser.. My Baby has had to live like this all her life, & here we have always thought it was because he had the kids believing I just walked out on them... Never ever again will Jack ever ever lay eyes on her or MY Grand babies agian, he has done so much damage.. What makes me sick is he is a Child councelor & he works with the Homeless & the very very fragile people... No More of him Riding off of the Government.. I want to puke everytime I think of him.. So As Of Today, I am Laying the SOB & his Destruction to rest, 29yrs of pure mental & physical abuse is 29yrs to long, So I Say To This Magget, " POOF BE GONE DEVIL MAN"

 Thank You Sis for always being here for me, I Love You & I do Appreciate You So So Very Much!!

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