Love is a great feeling to have...

I am so in love with my new scentsy business.I got my new starter kit just yesterday, and I have already been making sells.Scentsy is the easiest product to sell, that I have ever been involved with.

So, I wanted to try out my new scentsy warmer, and my scentsy bars (who wouldn't right?) So, I plugged it up, and just dropped two scentsy squares in the tray.i let them melt all the way down about three hours, and then I unplugged my warmer.My whole house was smelling like my scentsy bar.But to my surprise I woke up this morning, and took my son to work when I walked in the front door all i could smell was my scentsy bars.Talk about the scent really lasting.Now, that's value.No spray can do that, and I don't know of any candle that can either.

If you are a Mom that's looking for a way to work from home, and don't know what's real out there, or what will actually work..

I think you should give Scentsy a try.Scentsy was started by two Mom's who had a dream, and look where that dream has taking them.Scentsy is actually owned by a couple who has five children, and have great family values.

Scentsy is fun, scentsy is pretty, scentsy is a great value, scentsy is easy to do..

I am looking for other Mom's who are serious about working from home to team up with me, and my wonderful Scentsy team.The sky is the limit with scentsy.If you put effort, and heart into it you can make it happen!

Come see my scentsy website..Check out the candle warmer of the month,and the scent of the month.Come shop,come learn more about the business...

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Apr. 3, 2011 at 11:15 AM

April is Austism jigsaw ribbonAwareness month.The candle in the picture above is our special autism awareness candle warmer.If you purchase this warmer you will be donating to the Autism Awareness Foundation.It's very beautiful, and it shows we need to put love in the missing pieces.That's do our part to help.

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Apr. 3, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Whoo Hoo!!

4 sales in 4 days is not a bad way to start off your business.Who can say no to Scentsy products.They look great, and all of the scents are to die for.I'm lovin it more, and more.If your looking for an easy, fun business than scentsy is for you.Come join my scentsy team. easter egg

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