Went to the doc for my pressure and bloating symptoms on 8 DPO

Well, no UTI THANK GOD!!! The doc did a pelvic exam to find out why I was so bloated and so much pressure in my lower abdomin

My ovaries were just fine and he said my uterus didn't feel enlarged ....... He gave me a pregnancy test for good measure, but it was negative (still very early) so I was expecting that

Since the bloating and pressure wasn't explained off by pregnancy or UTI they did bloodwork and my bloodwork came back normal (AGAIN THANK GOD!!) so either it's all in my head OR the doc told me it's most likely a viral infection due to the fact that I had diarreah earlier on in the week and bloating and pressure are common side effects of diarreah so he told me to wait out the weekend and if the symptoms are still bad on Monday to come in for scans

I'm still hoping I'm pregnant cuz I'm nauseaus as I'm writing this

9 DPO - Still feeling the same as I have since 3 DPO, but now it's more of a pinching feeling than pressure - Boobs are very veiny, but do not hurt at all they just look full - Really bad allergies again - Itchy nipples off and on

10 DPO - More pinching feeling down there and still bloated - boobs are doing absolutely nothing - Fussy - Lots of energy - Itchy nipples off and on - I'm thinking PMS is in bloom along with Spring - I honestly don't know how I could have a viral infection in my lower abdomin (at least, that has never happened to me before) so I've convinced myself that the pressure/bloating/cramping/pinching/twingy feeling is all in my head and possibly due to the fact that I am PMSy and this is what my body normally does when not on the pill - Like I said before this is only my 2nd month off the pill so I'm guessing this is just all stuff that the pill has been masking all these years

11 DPO - Well, this is about the time when other ladies test and get their BFP's, but I didn't test and don't plan to until I'm late cuz I just know it'll be a BFN - Itchy nipples off and on - Woke up with horrible allergies again this morning along with a HUGE horn on my chin (zit) - Had a good sleep, but woke up super tired anyway - Really nauseaus this morning almost puked at Walmart - Lower back was killing me on the way in to work this morning - Finally had to eat some cheetos I bought for lunch later to ease the nausea THANK GOD they worked like a charm!!!

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