I was on birth control when I found out I was pregnant with both of my kids,I hate it. The doctors give you stuff that's supposed to work and be effective, well not for me. Obviously I'm Fertile Mertile..

My oldest, which will be 4 in September, is the sweetest child that you could ever meet. He is definately an angel. We call him Deuce but he's named after his daddy. Deuce grew in my belly for 35 weeks, and wanted to come out at 36 weeks. We tried to keep him in so I had to stay in the hospital for a few days to stop my labor. They gave me a medication to slow it down and eventually put it to a stop. It did for a week. Then they decided that 36 weeks was alright to have him. His lungs were developed and the other parts that needed to be developed were as well. So I had him at 36weeks and 3 days. It was crazy because I didn't even know I was in labor with him, All I knew was that my back hurt. I figured he was sitting funny or on a nerve, I didn't know what to feel for a contraction I just heard it felt like he was bowing his butt up and sticking it out of my tummy. I was sitting in my room one night and my mother in law came home from work to check on me. She said "are you alright?" I said "yeah, my back just hurts, that's why I'm sitting in bed" I was rubbing my tummy and I was feeling that feeling and she asked me if I felt anything like that and she said well we need to get you to the doctor then. I wasn't in a hurry so I took a shower and got stuff ready to go. I arrived at the ER at about 10:15 p.m. I didn't wanna have him this early and I was tired so I had my fingers crossed that he wasn't coming out soon. They admitted me into one of the labor and delivery rooms, and told me to undress and try to pee in a cup. I was a nervous wreck because I already had anxiety as it was and little Deuce was trying to come early. I peed, and put the really uncomfortable gown on and sat down in a chair. They decided that they were going to move me to another room. So I had to get my stuff together and walk down the hallway to my new room in a gown that showed my booty, jeez.

Once I got in there they told me to get on the bed and pull my gown out from under me, so I did and they had two different velcro looking bands coming towards me. they said they were going to put them around my tummy so they can monitor the baby and contractions. One was pink and one was blue. Once they hooked them to the monitor my heart melted! I heard the beating heart of my baby boy! The best sound by far! I still love listening to his heartbeat to this day. They checked me to see if I was dilated and I was but only an inch. it was around 12 am when I finally got to fall asleep.

the next morning- or should I say 4 hours later, they come in and check on me and give me something through my IV. I am not sure what it's called anymore..it's to speed my dilation and labor up. I was extremely tired and a bit out of it from the pain medication distributing through my IV as well. I remember the stuff they put in at 5 am was painful, it had a sting going through my veins. I was in and out that morning so I don't have a clear memory of what all went on. I think at about 5:30 My doc came in and talked to me about breaking my water since I was getting ready to start pushing soon. So he brings in a rod that had a crochet needle type on the end of it and explained what he was about to do. I told him alright and he also put a monitor that floats around in the amniotic fluid in as well to monitor the baby while i was pushing. He began to break my water and sure enough it felt like I was peeing uncontrolably..haha It really looked like the flood gates had opened up- literally. Dr. Love had to go change his scrubs because it got him good. he said "next time i'll be sure to weare a rain coat." haha I couldn't help but laugh about it. They gave me the option before all of this to get an epidural and I agreed to do it as scared as I was. so the anestesiologist came in and described what I was about to feel. Eww I didn't like the sound of it but I didn't want to be in so much pain that I would pass out either. So I went with it. He came in with his supplies and I got ready with the nurse. I turned sideways on the bed and hunched down and hugged a pillow while the nurse let me lay my head on her shoulder. I was scared because my sister had a bad experiance with an epidural. she had to walk with a cane for a while after she had my nephew. Anyways,  I leaned over and got ready for the pinch..it felt like a wasp sting on my lower back. I flinched and was terrified that someone was wrong. I felt my legs going numb, I about passed out because that was scary to go through. Then they helped me get back into the bed and waited til dr love came back. They checked me again and by that time I was ready to go. I looked at Will and he could tell I was nervous but couldn't do anything. Turned out the epidural had only taken on one side of my body so I had to feel the pain on one side the whole time, the nurse had me wiggle my toes on my right side and then left and confirmed that I wasn't numb on one side. byt the time I was fully ready and everyone was prepared my epidural was wearing off. So they had to administer a little bit more through my IV in my back. fast forwarding a little bit..It took 2 hours to push him out. he came into the world at 7:15 am. eyes wide open but had jaundice. I was so happy to see him. i'm sure as my memory comes in better i'll be updating this journal entry..thanks for reading.

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