The New Year is actually my least inspiring time. I am always glad to shed the old but no longer make too big a deal out of it. I make no resolution. Winter sets in. It turns grey and everything dies. No inspiration for resolve there. Now Spring. Spring brings forth life. The first thing I notice are the BlueJays and Cardinals. Then I start to watch for the first flower of spring. The Crocus.  The tiny little blades of Daffodil leaves peeking thru the thin veil of snow, lettting me know I can soon emerge from my cacoon of blankets and sweats and heavy sweaters. Usually I get too excited and uncover my little blades of daffodil leaves and let them feed on that first week of warmth. Then it snows and we begin again. The tulips haven't budded yet so they will bloom by Easter and then it will be time to get my hands into the earth and plant seeds that will feed my family. I will let the sun tan me and warm my spirit as I watch my perrenials spring to life, finally recognizing what is what and where it's at , after ten years of planting and transplanting, arranging and rearranging. My nails will be cut short soon as the gloves get tossed aside to feel the warm earth in my hands. In a week that little seed becomes something we can feed off of in just a handful of weeks. My plans for the season are to bring forth fruit. Both from seed and spirit and to learn that we truly can live off the land God gave us. You just have to keep out the weeds.

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Apr. 2, 2011 at 4:50 PM

Nice. I look forward to the new that Spring will bring into my life.

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