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Looking for a great way to share some autism awareness year round?

Autism Awareness Month is in full swing . . . It's a fantastic opportunity to get the word out and spread awareness about Autistic Spectrum Disorders. You never know when autism may touch your life in some way, being educated and aware may be one of those blessings you never knew you needed.

For those of us who live a life that is touched by autism, every day is an opportunity to spread awareness, every moment of our life is a teaching moment for not only ourselves and our children but for everyone around us as well.

I'm taking this opportunity to share a piece of my sons heart, not just with those of you have have an autistic child but for anyone who loves someone touched by autism or anyone who just wants to change the world by sharing the message so many of us work so hard to do each day of our lives.

Several years my son began creating autism awareness and acceptance designs, he opened a CafePress store and quickly became one of their top merchants. His shop will soon be featured for Autism Awareness Month.

There is something for everyone and I am proud to share them with my Cafemom family . . .

I hope you check them out an maybe even find something that touches your heart! You can check out his amazing shop by clicking the link below :o)



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Apr. 3, 2011 at 9:31 PM

Wilson is so awesome and that is a reflection on you, Mommy!

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