It's I've already signed up. They pay you to view short online “Vmail” (not email) ads and accept cash offers.

It's free and they'll even instantly put your first dollar in your account when you register. They pay out daily too. Plus, if you confirm that you have a verified U.S. PayPal account before the end of March they'll send 50 cents to it free by the next day! There's also a 10-generation unlimited referral plan that pays generous cash benefits. Right now for every Direct (first level) Referral you refer who confirms a verified PayPal account, they'll send you 25 cents within 1 day if you've confirmed your own PayPal account! I'd like you to check it out. There's nothing quite like getting in on the ground floor of a great new thing, especially when it's free and you get paid to do simple things you enjoy.

Here's the URL I'd like you to use. It will give me referral credit for letting you know about it. I hope you sign up free like I did.

Please use this URL to go to Vmail Network:

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