Hello Moms (and Dads),


First and most importantly, Congratulations on your recent addition to your family!


My name is Gary and my wife’s name is Shani. We are the proud parents of twin girls Isabella and Sophia. They just turned 18 months old and we are writing you today in order to ask for a little help from you.


When our girls were newborns it was a challenge at times to get them to calm down or fall asleep. We did not have any help and it was only my husband and I. We came up with a simple idea that helped us tremendously and we wanted to see if a product like it already existed for parents of newborns. We were surprised that nothing like it was available. So, we did a lot of research on various topics and incorporated the needs, ideas and experiences of many other parents (especially those of multiples and parents of fussy/colicky babies) as well as the thoughts and opinions of several scientific and non-scientific publications. We developed a prototype that worked for both of our twins EVERY time. We realized the potential for this idea and developed it from there. After months of R&D and market research we came up with the final product. Now, we have a patent pending and we are talking with a couple of large baby product manufacturers about bringing the product to market, so other parents can take advantage of our idea.


This is where you come in….


We are looking for a few parents who could take a short video of our product in action. Nothing explains our product better than a simple video that shows an upset infant immediately being calmed down when our product is being used. It is completely safe and there is no risk of harm to your baby. We already have a short video of our girls when they were still infants but we would like to show that our product works for other parents as well.


Please contact us if you are interested in helping us to make this product available to new Moms, Dads and other primary caregivers. All we need from you is to film the effectiveness of our product on your infant/s while using it in the convenience of your home. We will provide the product and if necessary a video camera for you to take the clip. Please let us know if you would like to participate on the forum or e-mail us at gary@mybumpy.com

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