So, my daughter and I ended our first week of homeschool. We had a blast. I did order a boxed curriculum from Alpha and Omega Publications. I did this so we had something to go by. I also have come across the Charlotte Mason Method and I love her principles. I am slowly but surely trying to fade out AOP so we can fit more into her style. Our day usually starts around 8-830am and ends around 130-230pm. This time frame includes breakfast, lunch, and breaks because of the two smaller ones age 1 and 2.

So far:

I love AOP"s science. So, does my daughter. The bible is great, as well. Horizons Math has been going great too. Then we get to their language arts and history. The language arts will take some getting used to because its spelling, handwritting, and reading comprehension all compiled together and they throw it at you when they are ready. The history is dreadful. DD hates it! We had self-tests at the end of this week for each subject (except Math) She scored 95 and above on everything except the history.

In regards to the Charlotte Mason method, we've manage to squeeze in copy work, narrations for everything, (I'll write it down for the living books we cover but not the AOP workbooks), weekly nature study, daily poems, and some geography (gently introducing maps of continents that are relevent to the reading we do with CM). I think week three i will introduce an artist to cover for the term and some type of handicraft. 

I've been using the Ambleside Online weekly curriculum for year 1. In a sense you can say we are doing two curriculums at the same time. But because I havent quite gained enough confidence with homeschooling. I'll stick to what I'm doing until my daugher has a complaint. She really loves to read so all the extra's with CM are like leisure reading for her. I do try to apply her principles even to the AOP. As far as narrating what she's reading in the workbooks. But I am so going the opposite direction with the short lessons!!! I'm not comfortable with that at all.

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