Wow, this has been a long day! Maggie & Waylon left this morning from Aztec,New Mexico at 7:30am & arrived in Belle Fourche,South Dakota at 9 pm. So now we are waiting for Monday, Waylon's taking her to Rapid City to a Dr. there to start setting up appointments. My mind is racing at the moment. I just want to say Good Night & I Love You All So Much For Your Love & Encouragement, I pray that when this is finally all on it's way, that maybe something I write will help someome else.


 Now I'm getting ready to talk with Jake. Their relationship is so strained right now, He is so angry at her & I don't think he really gets how badly they need each other right now.. They are about 26 miles from each other, when will he let go & heal everything he needs healed? All 3 older kids carry so much hurt & anger & are only looking at what has been done to them alone, not what all of them lived through with their basturd father... Now the results of his severe neglect & abuse are finally taking it's toll on their health & sanity... No more damn it no F....g more. You dirty rotten basturd  because of you & your neglect, my babies is slowly dying. Because of your neglectm you son of a bitch she has to have her skull removed & brain surgery, because of you the kids have no relationship with each other, because of you my grand babies could lose their mommy at any f....n time, & you know what you Demon Basturd, I blame you for our sons cancer too.. Think about the things you have done to him & not EVER for him.. I Loath you Jack Mckee,  I hope the vision of every dirty rotten thing you have ever done to MY BABIES burns threw your vision & you never rest..

 You know Jack, I really give a rats ass if you ever read this or not, but I'll say it anyways, DAMN THAT FELT GOOD!!, Now go away & leave my babies alone, Oh Never Feel Welcome In Maggies Home Ever, or your Jera either, You Will Go To Jail For Trespassing, you gotta problem, take it up with Maggies Grand DAD, so POOOOFFF PLEASE BE GONE!  ( as the little bird flies by & shits on your head)


 So anyways, The kids are home & will also begin getting the house ready for the kids. My dad has given her,Waylon & the babies the Family Home, cute little place. Great little town, they're gonna be happy!! AND I Am So Excited & Happy For Them.. so well, I guess I have exposed my temper. I let it build & build until I have to vent some where. I don't hate the man I truly pitty him...

 So yeah, I think it's time to close out tonight, weeeha, got my blood pressure goin here a little some..LOL!!

 Now I can concentrate on my babies & never worry about what kind of problems he's trying to cause between them... I'm gonna make sure he never hurts Maggie & her babies ever ever again.♥♥♥

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