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Opinions are like a$$holes

Day 17 of the vitex challenge and I was certain I would see a significant rise in my bbt, I sort of did but sort of didn't. It was 97.4 yesterday and now its back up to 97.7.

My cm has dried up (so to speak) its back to thick and creamy instead of watery and thin so I don't know what to think!?! According to FF I am 7 DPO but that is impossible as I just had the fertile signs on Friday!? This is why I didn't chart when I got pregnant with Caitlan, its so freaking difficult to read and comprehend. I mean I get the principles but my chart is wacked out! I am on CD 34 (before trying again it was every 22 to 28 freaking days) and like I said according to FF I am on 7 DPO. What ever, its so off! I am going to say I am on 1 DPO and that I ovulated some where late saturday night when I had those terrible ovulation pains but then again I want to see a significant rise in my BBT so I know 100% that I actually did ovulate. My BBTs have always been a slow rising situation usually takes 4 to 5 days for them to hit 98.1 where they should be.

Anyway I am over analyzing shit again. I gotta stop doing that! GEEZ! So instead of being a "Debbie Downer" I am gonna say I am 1 day past ovulation, I am also gonna say that the SPERM DID FIND THAT EGG that I turned loose when I OVULATED and my EDD will be 12/23/2011. Fighting this urge to be down about not seeing a big jump in my BBT is depressing. I guess cuz I know its the only way to be 150% sure you ovulated because I have heard of your body gearing up to Ovulate and not actually doing it.

Okay, Enough about this its time for me to get to work on my project. First though, I have to go email my self the spreadsheet I started on with my other laptop :-/.

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