Since April is Autism Awareness month, and i've seen a few post and journals about other momma's who's kiddo's have ASD. and they are about acceptance and tolerance. but i really haven't seen the parents worries, or realities of having to deal with a child with ASD. in my title and in this i will be saying "he" because i have a son who has ASD BUT i am speaking about all children boys and girls. some people don't understand that when a child is dx with any sort of issues, syndrome or really anything thing that is considered "not normal" our whole world changes and when we think about our child's future it's not "when he" it's "will he"..... for example most people say "when he grows up he'll go collage, get married have kids." in our world it's " when he grows up "will he be able to live of his own, have a job be able to have friends",, our child future is a BIG question mark. because the simple things that parents take for granted, is a huge goal for us. setting up long term care if somthing happends to us (the parents) is also something that we really have to think about. either a sibling having to take over or being put in some sort of home. WILL HE be able to adjust to the fact that mom and dad are gone? or WILL HE just shut down? these fears are very real. and acceptance and tolerance is a major thing. it will make the child with ASD lives so much richer, filled with love and friends is something that everyone strives for. but also take the time to think about the parents that live day to day with that big question mark in their head every time they look at their child. the sadness for the lower functioning ones that most likely won't have any kind of a normal life. please give them a hug.... you might not understand what they are going threw. but letting someone know that you care helps! these kids are so awesome and our lives has parents are so much different, it can be heart breaking. BUT our joy when our children accomplish something is so beyond the normal YAY  little billy got an A.  your life will change when you get to know our kids. it will change for the better. and you will be a better person just for the plain fact of knowing them!

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Apr. 3, 2011 at 1:58 PM

I understand all too well about that great big question mark hanging over my kids futures. I have a girl and a boy, both autistic. Hugs to you too!

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