First of all i wanna say I love this time of the year!  There are more activities around town to do with my son during the spring and summer. Last night I took my son bowling for the first time. He LOVED it =) Then this morning we went to an egg hunt, which was a lot of fun also. I love doing things like that. It's nice to spend quality time with nate and I like how it keeps me busy (I need that).

Well things in my life are going pretty good. i'm still dating he same guy I've been with for the past 8 months. Things there are pretty good. He's really makin an effort with my son, which means alot to me.
My job is going good. (just need a raise haha)....still pretty broke...but oh well.

Thats about it....things are good. I just need to keep myself busier. I tend to get depressed if I'm just sittin at home with nothing to do. I hate that.


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