Happy Sunday readers.  I hope your day is being filled with rest and relaxation.  I am watching NASCAR (yes dear readers I sell sex toys and love NASCAR lol)  If I liked beer I would be a great catch for a man.  So I got another inquiry about someone selling with me so I am always excited to get a lead.  I love what I do and can't wait to share it with others.  I have to call and see if my friends liked their "housewarming" gift last night...hehehehehehe....they were to scared to open it in front of others which it was my suggestion that they wait.  I didn't actually give them a toy just some arousal spray and nipple nibblers...I have a theory that sex toys have to be chosen by the USER and not anyone else...you never know what they like or will actually use.  So I will have to talk with them today sometime.  I am about to drop my yahoo's at their grandmother's house.  We have to be in  Birmingham at 7:00 in the morning for my mother's needle biospy.  We live about an hour from Birmingham so we have to leave around 5:00ish.  Yes I use ish behind times.   ANYWAY my mother-in-law has to drop my kids off so it will be easier to let them spend the night.....SO no kids hehehehehe that is what my husband is thinking and I am thinking going to bed early to get up tomorrow.  Even sex toy consultants are not in the mood...hehehehe but we will see lol...so till tomorrow dear readers have a great Sunday...

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