I have a 1 year old son who will not leave his diaper on we have already tried duct taping it but he still gets it off and he isn't ready to be potty trained yet what do i do if anyone has had this happen and found a solution please let me know thanks

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Apr. 3, 2011 at 4:09 PM

I know what you are going through, I myself had a streaker. We tried duct taping his diaper  and to my son that was just a challenge. What finally worked was all in one outfits with  a closure in the back so he couldn't undress at all. 

Tomorrow is his 25th birthday, he keeps his clothes on now ... thank God, but there was  time when I wondered if he'd end up in a nudest colony or something. The worse thing I have to deal with with him is he'll run around the house in his boxer shorts and a dirty white tee shirt.  I wonder if they make all in one outfits in his size... hmmm . LOL

Good luck to you...

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Apr. 3, 2011 at 4:15 PM

Lol yeah they have the summer outfits that are all in one but its still chilly where we live hes big for his age so nothing is big enough and like you said he just undresses himself if i put pants on him... And for the oversized all in one if i find one i will surely send u a link lol

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