So I am now 22 days late and last sunday thru thur  I had lines on the OPKs. I believe either sunday or monday was the most positive. I used one about a week prior which was negative so I know it wasn't false. I had a little bit brown discharge today. So I wonder if it may be implantation bleeding or finally AF? It was only a very small amount so I don't know. Confusling. I took a preg test and an OPK not with a FMU just for kicks and it was negative which would be understandable if I did indeed ovulate last week. I would be 5-6DPO.I don't know. I am going to test on either saturday or sunday if AF doesn't show which should be interesting considering my husband and I will be going out of town for him to take a test to possibly become a state patrol guy. Hope he does well because he really wants it and hates his current job. It would be cool if I could tell him I was pregnant too. What motivation would that be. It would be so nice to finally see a positive after all this wait. We may or may not have a chance this month though since we only BD early sunday am and monday evening and that was it last week ugh. DH wasn't giving it up grr. lol But the month I got preg last time we only BD once that month prior to finding our I was preg and not for a another 2 weeks prior to that so maybe I will get lucky and maybe it will stick this time.

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Apr. 3, 2011 at 10:15 PM

I can't believe AF hasn't shown yet.  I hope you get a sticky bean this "cycle" :O)

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Apr. 4, 2011 at 1:07 AM

me too yeah my cycle just keeps going and going and going. It kind of seem like the 2ww just keeps starting over. I hope I get a sticky bean too. I hope you do this time around too. I will find out prob around the time you start your 2ww lol.

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