Hi there!

I am back aftr being gone since 2009 and was soooooooo surprised to see that my profile was still here. looking to reconnect with older friends and make some new ones.

If you are interested in gabbing about just about anything~~I love to talk and talk and talk somemore. I have joined and rejoined several groups, see that some are gone now and see that many older friends are no longer on here.

I am 53, not interested in the lastest obama drama, kids are grown and on their own, am a Grandma, love pen pals and just life in general.

I am a Born-again Believer for over 30 years. I have a relationship not a religion with my maker. No desire to debate on who my Lord is~~I know Him. He is NOT divided into religious groups. I am a Bible reader and believe it ALL!

Married for 35 years and like being called wife and mom and absolutely love being called Grandma.

I am a country gal and have pigs, turkeys, chickens and ducks.

Cabin life is for us and good living comes with knowing who friends are.

So if you like life, want another friend~~come calling! I am here.

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