Samantha I've been up since 6;30, just got out of the shower and did my usual clearsil on my forehead and nose,what's up with you?You are bringing other clothes to change into after you go on big foot rapids?Now I should do that too,you know they sell a plastic poncho we could buy and just throw it away afterwards,no you like your red tank top and short short jean shorts better?I'm going to have to do the same,I 'll call you back after I pack up my clothes,don't forget that super silky sparkly lip gloss and rubber watch you always wear!Jessie a 13 yr. old hangs out with older girls more like 15 yrs.They like everything from boys to sparkly finger nail polish and lip gloss, the latest styles in clothes and the latest music.They are always on the go and talk so fast not to mention text that way too.Jessica stands in front of the mirror combing out her long stands then pulling her hair up into a tight pony tail,she stops and peeks in her mothers bedroom,mom-mom are you there?Jessie secretly hopes her moms not there because she wants to steal some money out of her purse.Actually her mothers purse was out on the kitchen table while her mom was washing dishes,Jessie had to sneak behind her and some how snatch her wallet with out her knowing,she did it,she stole 2  twenty dollar bills and then she ran back to her bedroom where her sister lauren was on her bed on her stomach talking on the phone. Samantha calls back urgently,my mom is going to pick you up at 9;30,I lost privilages on the car because I escaped out of my bedroom window last night to kiss Jake good night and I was wearing my see thru underwear,my dad shined his flashlite on us,it was so embarrassing.Jessica laughed you nut sam you always do the craziest things-thats why I love you so much!O.k. I'll be ready,I found some watermelon and cherry blow pops we can suck on while we are cruising the streets of Knotts berry farm ,looking for some hot guys,did you say you lost your one and only pair of ray ban sunglasses,if so I can loan you a pair, I'll bring them and your almost done curling your hair and you have the newest shade of pink nail polish on,I heard metalics are the hottest thing this spring.Samantha's mom drove up and Samantha opened the back seat doorfor Jessie and Samantha and Jessica sat together in the back seat and pretended her mom was a limo driver.

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