Question: I do not know how I can just cut her out of my life at this point I want to but not sure if it would be right!


Cut her out

Just let it go

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Ok I use to love to be around my husbands family, but since we have been fighting a lot and he has gotten physical, he is working on that but the anger is still their It seems like I can not do or say anything with out him getting mad an turning it in to a big blow out! He takes a small comment like I am not your mother, and will never clean or be her, to I am bashing her and saying I do not like her and thinks she a bitch, I do not understand how he thinks it ok to take words an twist them, he has caused so much drama between us I do not want to be around his family anymore, but I have been noticing that his sister is the same way, we use to be real close and a old friend of hers came back in her life, me and this girl do not get along, one night at a bar his sister was going to leave to go get her friends boy to cheat on her husband with, I would not let her leave, she left anyways I was upset cuz something could of went wrong, her friend got really mad at me for trying to stop her, do not care cuz that would have been on me! well my husbands sister has been real distance from that point one, when her and angie got back in contact and until about 3 weeks ago my husbands sister would bad mouth angie to me and act different when we were all together, she would tell me if I act a little diff just do not worry angie is dealing with a lot, well one night I did catch my husband in a chat with angie and she was spilling what his sister thought, of course his sister lied and I have caught her in several lies the last few months, I hate 2 faced people and liars! I so wish people could just be honest all the time! I do not want to be around her anymore I have a big secret of hers that I do not want to keep I think both of their husbands should know how they have been acting while they are away! Family never should turn their back on you ever she has just showed me the reason I do not keep friends, I hate he said she said, talk bad about me behind my back but play nice when you are in my face, I so do not work like that!

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