Now begins the most boring parts of pregnancy. No kicking, no growing belly to buy maternity clothes for, no morning sickness, just normal everyday stuff. Like I said, Boring. So in the mean time I thought I'd entertain you with a tale of POAS.

It's not a disease, not an illness. Sometimes it can be a compulsion, or an obsession tough. I bet some of you are wondering what POAS is. Before I became a surrogate I had never even heard of it so don't feel bad. POAS stands for Pee On A Stick, it's code for peeing on a Home Pregnancy Test.  Now, this might not seem very funny, in fact some people (mostly guys) might be grossed out but if you knew the things Surrogates talk about, the things we do, you would laugh at some of the most bizarre things!

So, most of these addicts start out by scouring the Internet for deals on Home Pregnancy Tests (HPTs). They don't just buy a dozen and call it good, they buy them by the case! I'm serious. I recently read a post by a gal that had purchased 100 OSOM brand HPTs' and had about 25 other various brands just in case! Just in case of what?  The factory burns down?  

What do they do with all HPTs you might be wondering. Some ladies like to start peeing on the sticks as soon as they get home from their IVF transfers!  They know nothing is going to show up that early but they are driven to do it.  And then there are the enablers!  Those pesky Friends on the Internet and in real life that keep suggesting they pee on a stick and if they don't like the results, wait a few hours and pee again! It's like the High School Spirit Squad cheering them on.

With that kinds of pressure, it's no wonder POAS is like an addiction and why surrogates purchase stock in the HPT companies! Or at least they should start to! :)

I love all my dear friends I have made over the years on the Internet through surrogacy but luckily I have also been able to stay away from the POAS craze. This last cycle, I peed on a grand total of 7 HPTs. I felt just odd but the lines were being elusive. I would have rather have used just 2. One to check and one to confirm the first one. :)

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