I never used the term "mo", until my friend in England did. Its cute. I met her and her family when my family lived in Texas. We went to the same church together, which was located in Arlington. They were in Ft Worth at the time, for business reasons, and moved back to England a short while after meeting them. At that time, I was living in Grand Prairie with my SIL and her four kids. Talk about a full house!

My family moved into our own place sometime after, moving to Irving, TX. It was great, because we were in our early/mid- 20's, with two kids, and FINALLY on our own! Living under someone else's roof, no matter how comfortable they tell you they are trying to make you, it doesn't really ever work out well. I hope I am never one of those people later in life.

We lived in the same place for about two years, and my hubby finally had a good job. Didn't pay much, but it was good. Eventually, Hubby started making some good money on the side, and we moved into the "uppity" part of Irving. It was great, for the most part. A park was around the corner. The apartment was gorgeous. We were all mostly happy. It was great.

Hubby got a job offer, which turned into an actual promotion and transfer, a month after we'd lived in our new home, so off we moved...to Iowa. We lived in Des Moines, Iowa. Being a capitol, it was surprisingly, and incredibly small. However, it was GREAT! I loved living in Des Moines...Even though there was a shooting our second or third day living there, and a stabbing about 6mths after that. It wasn't anything new to me, and it didn't make me feel less safe, honestly. Just people being crazy people.

Of all those places, we went to a few different churches. Mostly loved them. Non-denominational...

Hubby was then fired, without warning, notice, or hint of it coming. I wanted to stay in Des Moines, because my oldest was in school, and she and I had been waiting for this for about a year. However, money was getting low, and I wanted to live somewhere more familiar as well as close to family, so we moved to Colorado.

I left Colorado back in 2002. I was in love with the state, and couldn't wait for the right moment to move back. Now that I'm here, I wish, even more, that I'd stayed in Iowa. There are no job opportunities here, no good, or working, government help systems, my daughter can't attend school yet, and its just heavy on me.

Oh! My mom ran away from the state the day we started our move from Iowa to Colorado, so we only have left behind, a family friend, who's more like family.

I've caught up and met with a few old friends, but nothing significant has taken place.

I used to miss friends and wish I'd lived closer to friends and family, and now (hahaha) I wish I was back in some unfamilar area, with nearly no one around...or maybe someone I don't know, making a new, fresh start.

My marriage is still sort of awful. I'm still unhappy. As much as I want to be a great mom and love my kids, I hate being a SAHM. It feels more like a prison than a privilege, sadly.

I've been attending two different non-denominational churches, and they're okay, but something still seems missing.

I'm looking for big things to happen in my life. Big and positive things.

LAtely, I've been working on painting my kids' rooms. My daughters' room, I'm doing an Alice in Wonderland theme. My son, I'm doing jets. I've been making free stuff from Freecycle and Craigslist my hobby and obsession lately. I've restarted my fish hobby, and have taken up two fish, whom have had babies. We got a dog last month, who got injured the first day we had him, and he's great. I haven't been doing a lot of cleaning though. Very unfortunate, and disgusting, as well as disappointing. Disappointment in myself...

That sums it for now.

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