I need a lot, I am tired of doing without. I need a break, I need money I owe too much right now. I need to find out what the hell is wrong with my foot. I need to get it fixed. I need my husband to get out of pain. I need my daughter to quit being such a drama hag because I am really starting to dislike her. I need a break from my stepson. I need my legs waxed. I need a Camaro. I need my new friend Robin to have a baby. I need to be in heaven. I need to stop being so materialistic. I need some silence.I need time to chant. I need some soft cotton clothes and a soft place to sink to my knees. I need to eat some dahl and hot puris. I need to surrender myself to Lord Krishna's lotus feet. I need some tea.I need to have longer hair. I need to have some energy. I need my dad to live forever.I need someone to understand. I need to be friends with Sharnell again. I need to clean my whole house. I need to plant my garden. I need to go back to schoiol. I need my mom to stop trying to mold me to fit her idea of a perfect daughter. I need to be accepted. I need to get laid. I need a clean ,deep breath. I need to meet my stepdaughter. I need a new air conditioner. I need my son to come home from Florida frequently. I need my friend Mike to recover completely from his liver transplant. I need my kids to go back to gurukula. I need some attention. I need to be left alone. I need some pecan pie. I need my kitty Merlin to stop trying to nurse on me and just lay there. I need to feel my Lord's arms around me. I need to lose more weight (really) I need to wake up and not be in pain. I need my Celebrex. I need a Capn'Crunch Milkshake. I need to go to India. I need my gramma to be sane. I need to be able to see my nieces. I need this pill to go down. I need my plumbing fixed. I need to be needed. There is more, but I need to go to bed.

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Apr. 4, 2011 at 9:46 AM

I can help you out with the 'being accepted' part because I think you're SO cool and interesting.  (HUGS)

Sorry - can't help ya with the Camero.  : )

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Apr. 4, 2011 at 4:16 PM

thanks...but I really NEED the Camaro, lol... love ya!!!

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