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Day 18 of my Vitex ChallengeMy cervix is back down low, completely closed, and firm. My cervical mucus is thick and sticky yet my BBT is only 97.6? That's a .01 temp drop from yesterday? Ugh! I am doing it again!

I am almost 100 % sure I ovulated on the 2nd because my temp dipped down. I am not even sure why I am trying to track my BBT's because my waking times are all screwed up and I very rarely sleep for 3 hours straight because Caitlan wakes in the middle of the night again now for some crazy reason!
I've gotta stay positive that it happened! I just hav too.

So we are saying I am 2 to 3 DPO and that the spermies found my egg; and we are going to be having a day before Christmas Eve baby. It will be another little girl and her name is gonna be "Camryn Isabella Everleigh Jones". I say girl because I know that we had sex a few days prior to ovulation and that boy sperms don't live as long as girl ones do. Then again I could be wrong....

My current symptoms:?
Nausea ( I am thinking its a covade's syndrome deal though)
My nipples are suddenly sensitive when Bugg latches on.
I didn't have heart burn last night after eating a burger
I am having insomnia (taking benedryl for that? Perhaps that is why my cervical mucus dried up ??) I have taken two all together 25 mg.
Still cramping

Well Spring Break is here and kids are out of school. Too bad I can't enjoy not having to get up early lol. I have a big project due today and I haven't worked at all on the sucker! OOPPS! Gotta get crackin'.

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