I decided to make another journal because it's nice to be able to write about since I really have no one to talk to about it with as well as keeping track of things and lets me feel like I can do something about it. This time though I have decided to temp still, chart and use the clear blue fertility monitor, since the charts have the monitor as an option. This cycle we are hoping to finally make our baby, after a miscarriage in December, 2 D&C'S and now a chemical, I should really be nice and fertile. Getting pregnant isn't the hard part, it's staying pregnant. I refuse to give up until we get our little sticky sweet pea baby!!  

4/2/11-CD1-AF starts, heavily, one of the worst periods I have had in a long time. Temp:98.6, Monitor:Low

4/3/11-CD2-AF continues heavy, lots of cramping and clots. Temp:98.5, Monitor:Low

4/4/11-CD3-AF starts to lighten up.Temp:98.5, Monitor:Low

*BD4/5/11-CD4- Af lightens up a lot, almost done. Temp:97.9!! Yayy! Monitor:Low

4/6/11-CD5- Af OVER! Temp:98.5, decided to go up again! Monitor:Low..tomorrow is the first time I test with it :) Anxious to see how it works!

4/7/11-CD6- Temp:98.1, Monitor asked me to test for the first time:Low

*BD4/8/11-CD7- Temp:98.1, Monitor:Low-progesterone last Friday (1.1) I now know why I keep losing my babies :(

4/9/11-CD8- Temp:98.0,Monitor:Low, started baby aspirin at night :) Also noticed a ton of EWCM!!

4/10/11-CD9-Temp:98.1,Monitor:Low, feeling some familiar cramping starting though ;)

4/11/11-CD10-Temp:97.9,Monitor:low. Right side pains started about 7PM, creamy CM

*BD4/12/11-CD11-Temp:98.1,Monitor:HIGH!!!!! Wooohoo, feeling some intense pains..like real intense lol.

4/13/11-CD12-Temp:98.2,Monitor:HIGH.  Cervix:HIGH,open,soft..It's SOON!!!


4/15/11-CD14-Temp:98.2 again,Monitor:Still HIGH .Had an amazing dream last night of our little sweet pea we are waiting on. Saw baby on ultra sound. It was just so amazing :) Baby was a boy :D  I pray that dream comes true soon :) PM:noticing some soreness in pelvic area (fingers crossed for tomorrow's reading)

4/16/11-CD15-Temp:98.4, again Monitor:HIGH One good thing is cervix is way up high, and soft, I can't tell the opening since it's so high up. Thinking of getting some OPKS to back the monitor up. I am feeling some soreness still, mainly when I am sitting or laying down. I know it's coming :D 

*BD4/17/11-CD16-Temp:97.7, dropped a ton! O day around the corner!! Monitor:High. 

4/18/11-CD17-Temp:97.7 again. Monitor:High. Feeling very sore now..SOON!!!!

*BD4/19/11-CD18-Temp:98.1, But I slept with a heating pad on my back..Monitor: PEAK!!! OPK POSITVE!!!!! 

EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! :D :D 

*BD4/20/11-CD19- OVULATION DAY!!!! Temp:98.0, again, not sure on the temp being accurate before, Monitor:PEAK still. 

4/21/11-1DPO-Temp:98.1,Monitor:High. OPK still blazing positive..Cramping a bit. 

4/22/11-2DPO-Temp:98.4,Monitor:Low, back to normal :) Meanwhile, OPK still blazing positive lol. LOTS of creamy CM. Headache.

4/23/11-3DPO-Temp:98.5 (woke up at 4:30 am) So I took it as a low temp..NO MORE MONITOR TESTING!!! lol. Fertility friend detected OVULATION!!! :D WE SOOO GOT THIS!!!! :D :D :D Ovaries twitching, hot flashes up the wazoo, feeling icky when tummy is empty. TIRED, pulling feelings in uterus? 

 *Happy Ester*4/24/11-4DPO-Temp:98.7, CM creamy TON AND TONS of it, I have to constantly go to the bathroom to wipe and the toilet paper is just filled with it. Back pain, twitching, pulling feelings in ovaries, still feeling icky when tummy empty. Sorenss is breasts, abdomen kinda burns, and feels full, I noticed my tightness in my chest has came back a bit (GERD) not sure if a symptom or not, but I also notice I am having a bit of acid reflux as well, tums seem to be a good friend again lately :) Tonight I noticed some specks of brown blood in my liner :D Implantation bleeding?? :D

4/25/11-5DPO- Temp:98.8. Creamy CM still. Temp just keep going up, no dip, no nothing. And hot flashes..HORRIBLE!! lol. I felt some side pain today, left ovary side pressure, I know this is a good sign. Dizzyness, cramping, lower back pain, bouts of nausea, and extreme fatigue, feeling out of body at times, more GURD I am feeling every day, and the never remembering anything has set in full gear. Another great sign of pregnancy for me :) 3 more days til testing starts!! Can't wait to see that BFP! :D

4/26/11-6DPO- Temp:98.6, so a little dip. All the same symptoms still excpet I am really irritable, every little thing is setting me off today lol. And HUNGRY!! I can eat everything right now, and it all tastes SOOO GOOD! lol. I am craving a sub right now, I don't care from where, I just want a sub! I took a test, I think I see a very very faint pink second line. I think..EEEK! I can't wait to see what tomorrows temp brings :) Testing again tomorrow lol.

4/27/11-7DPO- Temp:98.4, loving this dip!! Last night I fell asleep on the chair, I woke up am smelled hubby's listerine, I asked if he just used it, he said yes. UMMM how did I smell that all the way downstairs? Hightened sense of smell maybe? Today I woke up, felt a lot of cramping, and lower back ache, honestly it feels like AF wants to show, but I know these feelings are good! LOTS of shooting pains in breasts today, for a good few minutes each time. Dizzyness and feeling hot, very hot!! I tested this morning and..

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! Starting of a BFP!! I know we got this, but I am skeptical because of last month, but the dip looks promising :D Going in tomorrow for a blood draw for HCG and progesterone! Praying praying praying!! 

4/28/11-8DPO- Temp:98.8, had a nice dip :) I am praying that was implantaion!! My tests this morning still look the same. I close my eyes and all I see are tests tests and more tests lol. Veins on breasts and upper body are everywhere!! I look like a road map, lower back is aching, cramps, and TONS on creamy CM this morning, It was NASTY!!! lol, I keep trying to hold my pee in to test and I feel like I keep having to pee a lot more then usual..and felt nauseated last night before bed. I decided also not to go in til Monday in fear that the test above may not really be a BFP yet. Hoping tomorrow to see nice 2 pink lines!! I go Monday now for blood draw. Praying praying praying!! 

4/29/11-9DPO- Temp:98.5, so went down a tad again. I hope that's a good thing lol. Yesterday at work I had to sit down for a bit, got really light headed, dizzy spells, I FEEL pregnant, my tests just need to prove it! Kinda getting discouraged. I WANT this so badly. I think I am editing my tests so much that I am making pink lines come through, tested again this morning, I thought I was seeing pink..But IDK. I just don't know. I pray it's just still early..praying praying praying!! Today, headache, and nipples sore. 

4/30/11-10DPO- Temp: 98.7, Woke up this morning to backache, and cramping. I went to take a IC test, BFN. Nothing there, Went back to sleep, got up again about 10:30 am more cramping and backache, went to the bathroom, checked cervix and it's softer now, middle ways up, but as far as I could tell still close, noticed a peach color on the tissue paper after wiping finger off though, so this is either IB or AF starting, what throws me off is my temps still being pretty high up this morning..We shall see I guess. Put on a pad for now. Please let it be IB!! 

I gave in and got a reading as well..here is what it says :)

I see a find out with a positive test OR conceive in MAY OR JUNE THIS YEAR. I see a boy.

PRAYING!!!! Tomorrow is May :D I tested shortly after this..Is this for real"???

Taking a FRER tomorrow morning....OMG!!!!! 

5/1/11-11DPO- Temp:98.5, honestly..I am losing all hope. I did take a FRER this morning, I think I see something but it should be darker. The fact that we BD'D in the morning of my peak reading comes to mind..we usually would BD at night after my positive opks..and that seems to work. So I guess now we just wait for AF. First cycle of actually not seeing a BFP..it's weird, and I am not sure what to feel. I guess just be optimistic for this next cycle. I am however tired, and constipated. But that could be associated with AF oncoming too.. I am not sure how much more disappointment I can take before I throw my hands up and say I give up. I do this every month, the dicouragement comes to play..I guess I need that push again to not give up. It's just so hard :(

5/2/11-12DPO- Temp:98.2 I felt so cold last night, but horribly nauseated. Not sure why since this morning my temp dropped dramatically. Woke up to AF like cramps, felt cervix and it's still closed so I don't think AF will make an apperance today yet. But it looks like she may be on her way. I still have some hope. But for now just preparing for next cycle. *sighs* 

The verdict:

CD1 started 5/3/11-Cycle was 31 days long with a luteal phase of 12. MAY IS OUR MONTH!!! 

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Apr. 4, 2011 at 3:38 PM

GL mama. im still passing my miscarriage i can't wait til i get my first AF so i can start tracking again!! 

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Apr. 4, 2011 at 10:36 PM

I have a couple questions for you.. one.. you answered the first question. I thought you might have had a chemical pregnancy.. so maybe if you can try waiting until day of your expected period so you don't get deceiving results? Also, I work for blood disorder specialists and we treat a lot of women for abnormal coagulation profiles. They've had several miscarriages and needed a blood thinner called coumadin to keep their pregnancies viable. They need the medication because their blood clots and the baby can't survive that. I know you've been on birth control and it can cause that.. so maybe ask your doctor about it. Hope this helps.

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Apr. 23, 2011 at 11:43 PM

Good luck!  I hope this is your month girl!  You deserve it!!

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