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Live,Laugh,Love like tommorw wont come !

Today I have to go pick up my bus pas and then I have to come back home get my daughter if I am lucky take about an hour or two brake and then I have to make to two hour trip into the eye doctor.  My daughter has a disability called neurofibromatosis so she has to get regular eye exams and stuff done. Today it's raining and crappy out welcome to spring in Vancouver bc, it seems like it's almost always raining here.. on the plus side we almost never get snow during the winter so can't really complain, but my point is who wants to make a two hour trip on the bus in the rain? Not me lol.. I have been meaning to get some more pictures on here and I would still like to tho I am not so sure it is going to  happen today.. I would like it to very much so but by the time I am done all my running around I am not sure I will really feel up to it.. anyway I have starting to ramble so I am going to go now I will try to add a post when I get home

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