Actually this is about showers in general…showers like in a bathroom…not rain (just to clarify).

Shower time for me has always been when I do my best thinking. I get the best ideas, think if the most random things (which if you know me is pretty hard to do), and come up with the most amazing plans. I prefer a shower over a bath any day. Pre-Glo-Worm, showers lasted until the hot water ran out. The spray released all the tension in my back (once again if you know me, pretty hard to do), or released my sinus’ when I was sick, or just give me time to think. Since the time I could take a shower on my own, I can probably count on one hand the number of baths I’ve had since.


Glo-Worm...1 Day Old

Once Glo-Worm came along, showers or baths where a slight fantasy….”you mean there’s a way to get this puke off of me?” Some how my kid no matter how I arranged towels or clothing always managed to get his puke right down the inside of the front of whatever top I was wearing…seriously. For months I felt like I smelled like baby vomit. I would lay him down to nap, no sooner had I stepped in the shower got my head covered in shampoo then he would wake up crying like the world was about to end. Fast forward shower routine…get out of tub sopping wet, go get baby.


Then my little Glo-Worm got a little bigger, he could sit in a bouncy seat. I would place the bouncy seat outside the bathroom, he could entertain himself….some times. Some days it was crying the whole time. Again fast forward the shower routine. Some days he would play and giggle and have a grand time…I got to shave my legs on those days.


"See what I find mommy?!"

When he got big enough to just leave the bathroom door open, put up the gate to the steps and let him roam back & forth from his room to the bathroom…I thought “nirvana.” Alas, that was not the case. Glo-Worm thought since I was in the tub he needed to supply me with all his bath time toys. He would pull the shower curtain as far back as he could and launch his bath toys into the tub. “Need toy mom?!” “No, no that’s ok.” “Mom need toy!” . This was also the time he would explore his room in-depth. He would find all sorts of toys he suddenly felt I needed in the tub.

I was in the shower the other day, almost finished and realized Glo-Worm hadn’t come in the bathroom once. Side-note: You know you’re a parent when suddenly you are more afraid of the non-noise than anything else.  This kinda freaked me out. Not once had he come in the bathroom to talk to me, to brush his teeth, flush the toilet, launch his toys at me, play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain…nothing, nada, zero, zip, zilch. I had done the entire shower routine, including shaving. I started envisioning all sorts of things he could be doing…trying to climb in his bed (which I have caught him at), watching a movie (most likely scenario), stuck under the gate, or worse yet made it under the gate and went downstairs…ahhhhhhhhh! Fast forward shower routine.


"I drive mom."

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