If you are looking for something to earn a little extra income for your household, looking for "me" time, or for a full time income - Brown Bag Party has come to the rescue! 

Until April 11th, we have a special kit priced at $99 (retail value $600). Now is the perfect time to get started.


What BBP offers:

  • Always 50% Commission
  • No Expensive Kits To Buy
  • 20% Hostess Rewards- Paid By The Company
  • Monthly Hostess Promotions- Company Sponsored
  • No Quotas
  • No Tiered Commission- Always Get 50% 
  • Get Paid The Night Of The Party
  • Direct To Customer Shipping
  • No Inventory Requirements
  • Free Credit Card Processing
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Car Bonus
  • Training Bonus
  • Training Website
  • Incentives & Recognition
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