We recieved Nuun a couple of days ago and were stoked to test it out. We live in Tampa Bay, Fl. so it is usually hot and muggy here. My husband works out almost on a daily basis and my oldest daughter likes to rollerblade. I also have a 2 yr. old who is pretty active and a 8 week old. I, myself, will be working out soon (had a baby 8 weeks ago) but am waiting on my Physique 57 workout DVD.

My husband first tried the Fruit Punch to use during his workout. He hates pics so he wouldn't allow me to take any. He just dropped it in his water bottle and it started to dissolve. He told me that he liked the taste because it was light and not over powering.

My oldest daughter then wanted to try it. She wanted to have it after her breakfast though, so I let her try it so she could tell me what she things. She tried the Tri-Berry first and loved it so much that she drank the Lemon-Lime for lunch and another Tri-Berry for dinner. She also loved the flavor. Here she is giving it a try.

I then gave away a tube and a card to my father in law and cousin. My father in law is not active at all because he had a heart transplant 6 yrs ago and in the process got both legs and his right fingers (except for thumb) amputated. My cousin works out with my husband. They both enjoyed the light taste. 

Thank you Cafemom for sending this awesome drink! I can't wait to use mine during and after my workout!!

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Apr. 4, 2011 at 11:54 PM

congratulationsThanks for the review! Sounds good!

I'll be saying a prayer your FIL does okay through his surgeries.

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