Okay.. This is just me Venting, Because I really have NO IDEA what I'm going to do..

A house isn't a home if you just stick a family in it. I come home during the week some days to stay at my parents house.. who WERE supportive in the beginning of all of this to say the least, they however have been a huge pain with trying to get me my medicare and all the other things i need, like making me an appt with an oby/gyn. Both aren't working. My mothers an alcoholic.. they pay my phone bill.. for now..

well, figures, as soon as I come home for the couple days i'll be here, i'm bombarded with endless cigerette smoke, yelling and screaming, like usual..I love living with my Fiance, his family has given me endless support, plus I love being around him, and his mother and his family. Its a postitive environment, AND I CAN BREATHE. Ive asked my mother and father AND SISTER numerous times to not smoke around me, I have asthma, and I'm pregnant. Cigerette smoke is NOT good for the baby.. And personally, My inhaler is going to run out soon..

Ive always hated living here, me and my mother have never really gotten along. And now shes threatening not to pay the phone bill, I need my phone for doctors appt's, and staying in contact in case of an emergency..

so now! i have to find a way to pay for.. 1) my own share of the phone bill, on my fiance's account.

2) School

3) Drivers Ed.

I'm so close to just being fed up with my family. Theres more to this story.. But I don't wanna go into too much detail. Sorry to drag on, I needed to vent.. :/

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