The other day I read in JOHN of the New Testament Bible, that those who are BLESSED of MY FATHER and are going to HEAVEN are those who FEED THE HUNGRY and CLOTHE THE NAKED,Jesus says!--So if you BELIEVE in Jesus and have accepted him as savior and you do this you will go to HEAVEN.--That's scary stuff,are we saved by GRACE or saved by works?I think you will know you are saved if you do these things because, EVEN THE DEMONS BELIEVE in GOD, so there has to be SOME KIND OF LOVE ACTION  that proves you ARE REALLY A CHILD OF GOD.--In fact if you are REALLY a child OF GOD you WILL WANT TO DO these things.--I know I'm a CHILD OF GOD=Christian, BUT EVEN I DON'T WANT TO DO THESE THINGS, and I'm preaching it! --That's where PRAYER COMES have to PRAY about these things ,say GOD give me compassion to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, let me imagine what it feels like to go days without a meal or to only have one shirt on my back, please give me love for these people,so I can be more like Jesus and enjoy eternal life.In Jesus name,amen.--The reason we have to PRAY about it is because our SIN NATURE doesn't WANT to DO GOOD, it wants to DO EVIL,we are SELFISH HUMANS thinking always about ourselves  and ABOUT what we need.(especially for you moms out there,that have alot of kids,or your husband or you are out of work,or you don't have that much money to begin with,like me, IT'S HARD TO THINK ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE AND SOMEONE ELSE'S NEEDS, when you can't even meet your own needs.But YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE A WHOLE BUNCH all at once,you can give a little ,what ever you have ,maybe a few pennies or dimes,DEPENDING ON YOUR HEART ,you will give ,Jesus says,Jesus  says he likes a cheerful giver,don't do this out of guilt , do it because you want to.And you can give pennies away ,dimes,nickles, just get into the habit of giving even the least of your change away and YOU'LL SEE HOW GOOD IT MAKES YOU FEEL.--Go to some poor city and just hand people your money, CAN YOU IMAGINE their faces,HOW DELIGHTED they would be,of course some of them will say ,oh no I can't take that from you,I can't ,but give it to them and run away fast, leave a note with it saying this is from GOD AND he loves you!

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