Our story began in 2009, when a little boy inspired us to get closer to nature and experience the joy in raising goats.  That little boy was Hunter and we dedicate this page to him. 

We started our adventure with two baby Nubian Goats, Grace and Little Bit.  After falling in love with these two girls, We made the decision to expand.  We began participating in goat shows around the United States and brought home many, many ribbons with our Champion goats.  The twinkle in our children’s eyes was enough for us to know that we made the right decision.  All four of our children have participated in the making of Udderly Amazing. 

At Udderly Amazing, we strive to create the purest goatmilk products by using all natural ingredients and essential oils.  Our goatsmilk products are made with pure goat’s milk that comes directly from the “girls” on our goat farm.  Their milk is blended with other natural ingredients and essential oils to provide our customers with the finest goatsmilk products available.  We offer our products at honest, competitive prices backed by our 100% guarantee. 



 Mission Statement

At Udderly Amazing, we believe in wonderful care for our award winning girls “the four legged ones” We must keep them looking good, healthy and feeling good, so that you, our customer looks and feels good using our products.

At Udderly Amazing, we strive to offer 100% pure and natural products at honest and competitive prices. We are dedicated to the highest quality and customer service to ensure that every time a customer deals with Udderly Amazing, they have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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