Finishing up bits of This and That today so I can get a good start on the week.  Then in for the long haul with carpet cleaning and yard work later.  Oh boy

-Kaitlyn to school
-sweep kitchen
-fold and put away laundry
-hang up:  shoe canvases, window box, bubble canvases, clock (paint border before hanging)
-finish up powder bath dec
-find apothecary jars and fill with eggs
-dinner prep
-Kailtyn homework/reading
-make sure Kaitlyn fills out her reading chart!
-start vacuuming the whole house really well
-go for walk
-water bushes

-Kaitlyn to school
-take out garbage and recycling
-vacuum ENTIRE house, edges and baseboards too
-rent carpet steamer
-steam carpets, couches, icky chairs, cars
-return steamer
-sweep kitchen
-go for walk?
-Kaitlyn homework/reading
-Sam: bowling night

-Kaitlyn to school
-reaturn carpet cleaner
-Big Lots
-dinner prep
-Kaitlyn hw/reading
-get Sam to finish and hang up art clips

-Kaitlyn to school
-fold and put away towels
-order photo prints
-hang up dec in powder bath, canvas in Ty's room, frames and vinyl above art boards
-spray off front and back porches (icky icky pollen)
-find apothecary jars and fill with eggs
-update craft blog
-stuff easter eggs?
-Kaitlyn homework/reading
-get Kate to unload dishwasher
-dinner prep

-Kaitlyn to school
-scrub bathrooms
-scrub kitchen sink
-1 load laundry
-update 365
-dinner prep
-stuff easter eggs??

This week:
-pay bills
-rent carpet steamer and do icky chairs, carpets, couches, cars
-get gravel and sand delivered
-call electrician 
-prune bushes
-work on planters in back yard
-order photo prints (subway art, bath/laundry, K's/gma photos, monogram walls)
-order hands for clock
-find foam for chair cushions
-stuff Easter eggs, get buckets ready
-photo practice
-organize and back up photos
-defrag comp

Sam's list:
-set up new car ins
-check on moving claim
-put up fence
-install art display boards
-frame mirrors
-mow lawn

Need for the house:
-garbage cans (bathrooms, big one for kitchen)
-rugs (entry, runner for mud room, front porch)
-curtains  (sliding door)
-blinds (living room, craft room)
-keep eyes open for
  -mattress (queen for guest)
  -dining table and chairs
  -case piece for dining/scrap storage
  -patio furniture
  -rocking chairs (front porch)
  -bar stools
  -tv stands
  -chairs for living room, bedroom
  -end tables (living)
  -large table for scrap room
  -cupboard for laundry rm
  -any kind of odds and ends for decor
  -some kind of hooks for bikes and scooters
  -door mats
  -bean bags/seating of some sort for play room
Yard work:
-find good nursery/landscaper to ask about yard stuff
-move some of the bushes from front yard to back yard
-get rid of weeds under deck
-put down edging/weed paper/mulch in front yard
-edging/weed paper/mulch in back yard
-plant tree in back yard
-re-stain deck, stain sandbox
-gravel under deck and swing, etc
-plant flowers in urns/planters

  -Kaitlyn's room
  -Tyler's room
  -dining room & powder bath (red!)
  -mud room:
  -front door
   living room
   -sun room
   -playroom and guest room

-art display boards
-chair cushions
-aprons (craft, cooking)
-pillows for couch
-monogram walls
-ruffle egg Tshirt and Easter shirt for Ty?
-heart/UT thingy
-redo K's dresser (when claim is processed)
-vintage headbands (use tights for bands?)
-popsicle cozies
-seal grout
-recipe book

Waiting on pkgs:
   -car reg refund
   -pkg from Mom
   -model car for Sam?
   -watch for credit on return

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