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I was ready to go to my daughters eye appointment, we are out of the appartment on time things are looking good we get up to the front of the building and it's pooring rain big wet juicey drops and my daughter has this bad cough still due to the daycare and stupid parents that would rather send their child to school sick then miss a fucking day of work to stay home and take care of them..  I was going to keep going but my daughter hardly slept last night due to the coughing, and I didnt want to take her out on the germ infested bus's for the two hour trip to and from the doctors.. so we turn around and go back inside and I toy with the idea of keeping her home and taking my chances because she has already missed this appointment a couple times, but I toyed with it to long now even if we leave right now we will be late I feel so stupid I could scream I can't stop crying... I tried calling to let them know I was not sure I should bring her she had a bit of a fever last night but they didn't pick up now I can't even reach them to let them know that we won't be there I feel so lost someone say something to make me not feel so helpless useless so stupid !!!!!!

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Apr. 4, 2011 at 4:58 PM

a little calmer now finely reached someone at the eye doctor and they said that it would not have been acceptable to bring her in coughing like she is because enen tho it's just a cold she is still contagous so I am not as upset as I was we have rebooked for the 13th simple smile

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